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Property Division and Marital Settlement

What happens to our property and debt if we get divorced?

Property division is an important part of the divorce process and can become more complex based upon the length of the marriage and the more assets and debts involved.  The easiest way to deal with the division of property during a divorce is to decide how to divide it up amongst yourselves.   However, because most divorcing couples aren't able to amicably decide how to deal with these issues, a Judge will make the decision for you.   Florida law Provides for equitable distribution when dividing property in a divorce.  This means that property is divided equitably or fairly rather than splitting it up into two. 

Separate Property -  This is an asset or debt owned y one spouse before marriage or acquired during a marriage as a gift.

Marital Property - This is anything that does not fall into the category of separate property.   This usually means assets and debts acquired during the marriage. 

A Fair Property Division Agreement

A property division agreement encompasses a complete resolution of all the assets and debts of the parties.    A property division agreement is a contract and once signed, it is binding on the parties and subject to enforcement by the court. The Law Office of Steven D Fichtman is skilled in negotiating and drafting property division agreements. Mr. Fichtman listens to your needs and work to quickly achieve the best possible settlement for your situation.

Why do I need an attorney?

Property division agreements are considered contracts, and a judge can enforce the terms of your agreement indefinitely. These agreements are usually lengthy and contain complicated legal language. Protect your rights by selecting an experienced divorce attorney like Steven D Fichtman to assist you in drafting or reviewing your agreement. He can also assist you in enforcing the agreement if your spouse fails to abide by its terms.